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Jiangsu Xuzhou Aston English
TOP Schools
ESL teachers for university in Suzhou,Jiangsu
Shenzhen,Guangdong> Kindergarten
Shenzhen-Teaching kids positions available16,000RMB monthly
Recruiting English and Japanese Language Instructors in Shanghai
Zhengzhou,Henan> College
Business or Computer teachers for college in Zhengzhou,13k rmb/mo
Hangzhou,Zhejiang>Language school
Hangzhou teaching jobs ASAP-Up to 15,000RMB/mo
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  Jobs Title Jobs Status Location
ESL teachers for university in Suzhou,Jiangsu  Full-Time China 
ESL teachers needed for university in Guangxi,near Guilin city  Full-Time China 
Business or Computer teachers for college in Zhengzhou,13k rmb/mo  Full-Time China 
Recruiting English and Japanese Language Instructors in Shanghai  Full-Time China 
ASAP ESL teaching job in Chengdu-10,000rmb salary+1,500rmb housing allowance  Full-Time China 
Shenzhen-Teaching kids positions available16,000RMB monthly  Full-Time China 
8,500RMB Looking for University teachers in Suihua ,Heilongjiang  Full-Time China 
Up to RMB6500/mo College teachers needed in Gongqing,Jiangxi starts in Feb,2013  Full-Time China 
University Teachers in World Cultural and Cultural Heritage Site,Mountain Wuyi  Full-Time China 
College teaching positions available in Zhengzhou,Henan  Full-Time China 
ESL teachers needed for international high school in Beijing  Full-Time China 
Teach kids in a modern city,Foshan,Guangdong,up to 10,000rmb/mo  Full-Time China 
Teach ESL for adults in Ningbo,Zhejiang,up to 15,000RMB  Full-Time China 
Teach adults in the largest city in Northeast China,Shenyang  Full-Time China 
Teach in antient Xingtai university asap,6,500RMB/mo  Full-Time China 
Teach children with low cost of living in green city,Nanning,Guangxi  Full-Time China 
Oral english teachers needed in Wuxi,Jiangsu ASAP,up to 11,000RMB/mo  Full-Time China 
IBMYP-Literature Teacher For Middle School in Shanghai,20,000RMB/mo  Full-Time China 
Shanghai-All-subject Teacher for Primary School,20,000RMB/mo  Full-Time China 
Province Guidance China  
Shijiazhuang Dalian Nanjing Haerbin
Qingdao Xi’an Wuhan Hefei
Taizhou Xiamen Chengdu Dongguan
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